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Song Premiere: Josh Ritter "Where the night goes"

Josh Ritter is one of my all-time favourite SInger-Songwriters. A new album by him is always good. He is one of those reliable artists who always deliver superb new music but in recent years I was not surprised anymore because I expected the level of quality.

The new songs and album blow me away. It will hit you without a warning. Josh's new record "Sermon on the rocks" comes out October 16th 2015 and it is absolutely outstanding. Tons of fantastic songs, stories and melodies. Great instrumentation, production, songwriting, definitely breaking new gound. A true master at the peak of his craft.

It feels like Josh had a big sip from the fountain of youth. Even the artwork looks like a he's a fresh new talent in his late twenties (which is 10 years younger than he actually is - we share the same year of birth and I was lucky to personally meet him once on my 30th birthday almost 10 years ago at Quasimodo in Berlin).

So far only one song off the new album has been released: "Getting ready to get down" and if you follow my "Songpickr: Best Songs 2015" playlist you are probably familiar with the tune and I don't need to tell you much about it.

Today the second single "Where the night goes" is released on digital services. And what a hell of a song that is. Turn up your stereo, computer, mobile phone, Sonos, whatever you are listening your music on these days and hit endless repeat.

Here's some context and background info Josh Ritter gave Songpickr about "Where the night goes":

"When I first got my driver's license I used to drive around to all the tiny towns that dotted the farmland where I grew up. Sometimes I was with friends, sometimes I was alone. Sometimes I went so far that it was well past dark when I got home.

Where the Night Goes is about a memory springing back to life. It's about second chances and tough girls and the savor of a time that has just begun and must surely end, no matter where it leads us in the in-between."

You can listen to the song in my updated "Songpickr: Best Songs 2015" playlist now.

I am sitting in Berlin in the middle of the night as I write these last lines and I want to open my windows and scream into the darkness how much I like that song and tell everybody else they need to hear it today. I guess Facebook, Twitter, etc. is the way my neighbors prefer...

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