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Cale Tyson's 10 Favorite Albums of 2017

Americana singer-songwriter Cale Tyson leaves the honky-tonk behind and adds a little Soul with horn and string arrangements on his album “Careless Soul”, which is one of Songpickr’s Albums of the Year.

He kindly shared his favorite 10 albums of 2017 with Songpickr.

1) Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog

2) Twain - Rare Feeling

3) Kevin Morby - City Music

4) Aldous Harding - Party

5) Michael Nau - The Load EP

6) Bedouine - Bedouine

7) Molly Burch - Please Be Mine

8) Daniel Romano - Modern Pressure

9) Flo Morissey & Matthew E White - Gentlewoman, Ruby Man

10) Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

Cale Tyson “Careless Soul”.

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