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The Lonely Biscuits - 10 Favorite Albums of 2017

Indie Rock band The Lonely Biscuits are mixing Weezer, G Love, Foo Fighters and Tom Petty into their own 90s influenced blend. Make sure you check their latest release "The San Francisco EP".

They kindly shared their 10 Favorite Albums of 2017 with Songpickr.

1) White Reaper - The Worlds Best American Band

2) (Sandy) Alex G - Rocket

3) Angelo De Augustine - Swim Inside The Moon

4) The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

5) Flower Boy - Tyler, The Creator

6) Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruins

7) Grandaddy - Last Place

8) Beach Fossils - Somersault

9) Big Thief - Capacity

10 Blank Range - Marooned with the Treasure

The Lonely Biscuits "The San Francisco EP".

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