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Album Tip: Glen Hansard - Between Two Shores

Following his Grammy nominated 2nd album "Didn't he ramble", the Irish Singer-Songwriter Glen Hansard has released his 3rd solo album "Between two shores" on ANTI- Records.

The album’s title comes from Hansards ongoing love of sailing and the sea. When one is equal distance between their starting point and their destination they are in essence “between two shores.” On the album, Hansard has managed to capture that feeling of the big soul-ful sound of his large touring band while still retaining the intimate introspective nature of his acoustic shows. 

On a song like the Van-tastic “Why Woman”, you can easily hear Glen Hansards musical influences: "In my house, when I was a kid, there was the holy trinity, which was Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, and Bob Dylan with Bob sitting center." 

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