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Review: The Texas Gentlemen - live @ Bush Hall, London (Feb 7th 2018)

The Texas Gentlemen are the "Swiss army knife of music", as band leader Beau Bedford told me. The group celebrates everything in modern "Pop" music - from Blues to Country, from Folk to Soul, Funk and Jazz. The Gents are mainly influenced by their predecessors, the generation before them - 60s and 70s artists like The Band, legendary session musicians like The Swampers, The Wrecking Crew.

They are playing what I like to find as Songpickr every day: Timeless, American music.

Their show at Bush Hall both marked their first ever headline show in London and the end of their first Europe tour. The crowd was predominantly 35+ year old male Country / Americana lovers who were treated with a melange of Blues, Classic Rock, Funk and Country.

The gig included mainly songs from their debut record "TX Jelly" ("Habbie Doobie", "Pain", "Dream along", "Superstition", etc) plus selected covers like "Cissy Strut" by The Meters and "Shakin' all over" by The Guess Who which were both jammed out galore. Hell, you can't stand still when the Gents are pouring their hearts out on stage.

What looks and sounds effortless is an extremely skilled and talented bunch of musicians who have been playing together since 5-6 years. They started playing with artists like Jonathan Tyler, Leon Bridges, Kris Kristofferson and others before being their own group and recorded their debut album last year.

The band is a loose collective with switching members who come on and off for shows. Their London gig was played by the core members who are Beau Bedford (Vocals, Organ/Keys, Guitar), Daniel Creamer (Vocals, Organ/Keys, Guitar), Nik Lee (Vocals, Guitar), Ryan Ake (Bass) and Aaron Haynes (Drums).

You really have to see them live to fully get the magic of these guys. It's something really rare in a world full of overproduced records and pedantically rehearsed live shows.

It's pure joy to watch this band.

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