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"Crushed Coins" is Caleb Caudle's Country masterpiece

Caudle Caudle from Winston-Salem, NC has released his new studio album "Crushed Coins" which has been recorded with producer Jon Ashley (The War on Drugs, Dawes and Hiss Golden Messenger) in Los Angeles. 

Guest musicians like Joshua Hedley on fiddle, Megan McCormick on electric guitar, Brett Resnick on pedal steel and instruments like keyboard, cello, etc. give the songs a rich color. When I first heard the album a couple weeks before it came out, the description "Cinemascope Americana" came to my mind because of it's wide sound.

The album is an easygoing listening experience and I mean this in the most positive way! At the same time it has depth and intimacy, dealing with serious topics while sounding still comforting. My absolute highlights on the record are "Headlights", "Lost without you", "Empty arms" and "Six feet from the flowers". Give it a spin below...

Caleb Caudle "Lost without you" video:

Caleb Caudle "Crushed Coins" album:

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