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Becca Mancari shares her 10 favorite albums of 2018

Betta Mancari’s debut album, "Good Woman," is hauntingly lonesome, with dust-cloud swells of electric guitar and don't-look-back lyrics revealing scenes from Mancari’s well-travelled story. Perhaps more striking than Mancari’s sound is the tender honesty and vulnerability present in each of her songs. When Mancari sings, she shines with authenticity. It is evident that Mancari knows exactly who she is, and her music has a strong sense of identity. In a short time, Mancari has made a name for herself in Nashville and the southeast. She has toured and played with Margo Price, Hurray For The Riff Raff, The Lone Bellow, SUSTO, Joan Osborne, The Weeks, and more.

Mancari explains that she wants her music to be familiar to audiences, but also pushing creative boundaries, rewriting the rules for her genre. She explains, “Our hope is that we’re doing something that respects the roots but also has space and the galaxy in it.” It's these planetary frontiers, along with the powerful fragility in her voice, that make Mancari's music beyond standard classifications.

Becca Mancari shares her 10 favorite albums of 2018:

1) Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer

2) Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

3) Adrianne Lenker - Abysskiss

4) Juan Solorzano- Time Machine

5) Courtney Barnett - Tell Me What You Really Think

6) Natalie Prass - The Future and the Past

7) Caroline Rose - Loner

8) Erin Rae- Putting on Airs

9) Boy Genius- Boy Genius

10) Haley Heynderickx - I need to start a garden

Becca Mancari "Golden" (video):

Becca Mancari "Good Woman" (video):

Becca Mancari website:

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