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Parker Chapin shares his 10 favorite albums of 2018

Parker Chapin‘s debut EP "Shark Bait" is one of the best Americana releases of 2018. Great songs, epic melodies, memorable lyrics, great production (by Brian Douglas Philipps who also produces David Ramirez for example). The now Austin based Songwriter reminds me of Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, David Ramirez and other great artists. Make sure you give hima spin. My favorite tracks are „Be careful“ and „Shark Bait“. Certainly Best Songs of 2018!

Parker Chapin shares his 10 favorite albums of 2018:

1) Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats - Tearing At The Seams

2) Shakey Graves - Can’t Wake Up

3) Rayland Baxter - Wide Awake

4) Glorietta - Glorietta

5) Wild Child - Expectations

6) Parker Millsap - Other Arrangements

7) Leon Bridges - Beyond

8) Jaimee Harris - Red Rescue

9) Brent Cowles - How To Be Okay Alone

10) John Prine - The Tree Of Forgiveness

Parker Chapin "Be careful" (audio):

Parker Chapin biography:

Strung out. Homeless. Suicidal. Just four years ago, Parker Chapin was living in hell. In twenty-four short years Parker Chapin has experienced more than most his age. A troubled kid, Chapin began to experiment with alcohol and drugs early. “I never fit in. Drugs made me feel like I belonged. They gave me some form of acceptance. But then, small amounts of drugs weren’t doing the trick anymore. Thoughts of killing myself became routine.” At 16, due to his drug use, Chapin was sent to military school. It was there he developed his love for singing and playing guitar. In the years that followed, Chapin bounced in and out of institutions. By 2014, Parker Chapin could see no way out of the chains of addiction. After attempting to end his own life, he was scholarshipped back into treatment. For the first time, Chapin had an honest desire to change his life. He learned how to have faith, how to be a good friend, and how to write sober.

Much like his songwriting heroes - Johnny Cash, Ryan Adams, and Jason Isbell - Chapin can offer the unique perspective of someone who’s fought the battle with addiction. He’s looked over the edge of darkness. He’s a writer with a message. “I’m really awkward in public. But when there’s a stage and a microphone, I’m in my comfort zone.” Chapin has shared his songs all over the country - in dance halls, treatment centers, bars, living rooms, and some of Austin’s most treasured listening rooms (Cactus Cafe, Strange Brew). He’s committed to highlighting hard truths in his writing in order to connect with others who may be hurting. Chapin is also active in local and regional music organizations. Recently, he teamed up with Carl Schmid (violinist) to bring music to schools and charities across the state of Texas. Schmid and Chapin also worked together to create a collection of songs for Music is Our Weapon - a Dallas based non-profit organization that provides music to individuals struggling with physical decline, tragic hardships, or cognitive development. The team also regularly travels with Grace Notes - a non-profit organization that provides live music for a variety of communities in need of healing through music.

Fueled by a new found responsibility in his writing, Parker Chapin is passionate and eager. He’s currently working on his debut release with Austin-based producer Brian Douglas Phillips (David Ramirez, Rob Baird).

Parker Chapin website:

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