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Rayland Baxter shares his 10 favorite albums of 2018

Nashville based Singer-Songwriter Rayland Baxter shares his 10 favorite albums of 2018 with comments (I didn't correct his writting because I wanted you to see his consistent use of the capital "L"). His own record "Wide Awake" was on many of the artist year-end lists I have shared during the last couple of weeks and is also one of my personal albums of the year. I think as a follower of Songpickr you don't need an introduction to Rayland Baxter so let's head straight to his list and comments...

1) Mac Miller - Swimming

I have Listened to no aLbum more than his 2015 aLbum [go:od am] and have Learned much about prophetic phrasing and powerfuL percussive poignant poetry from the Late and great mac miLLer. Like many, i was ripped to hear of his passing. among other creations cut short by the knife, he had so many more amazing aLbums to make. this aLbum [swimming] is his send off ... and it sounds Like one ... he aLways wrote and rapped about piLLs and probLems and aLL the peopLe our there who enjoy them ... and i enjoyed hearing him do so because when i Listened ... i feLt things ... i felt his joyfuL spirit and i feLt his pain ... i feLt my joyfuL spirit and my pain ... he makes me think aLot about Living and what it aLL means to the individuaL ... i couLd go on and on but i wiLL just say that mac miLLer was and stiLL is and wiLL aLways be a genius. 

2) Shakey Ggraves – Can’t Wake Up

My brother my coLLaborator my mentor shakey graves ... he is a freak and a fantastic human ... ah yes this aLbum is wicked good ... dark and heavy ... warm and friendLy ... his truest representation to date ... if a nucLear bomb represented his creativity then Let it be for this exampLe ... a veLociraptor of a songwriter and entertainer.

3) Barney Cortez - Pretty Thin (EP)

Makin phiLLy proud reLeasing his first coLLection of soLo songs ... this ep is just the beginning for barney cortez ... his meLodies and rock n roLL poetry ... they sit on the tip of my tongue daiLy ... phiLoso-rocker and compLete individuaL unLike anyone ive ever met before. 

4) Lennon Stella - Love, me (EP)

She is the future ... she IS the future ... and she just reLeased this ep the day im writing this ... such a wonderfuL human and her voice has the abiLity to permeate the ventricLes of my puLsing heart ... pausing my present progression ... ... ... ok 30 mins have just passed and i Listened to her ep again ... she is the future.

5) Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

Kacey ... she bigger than the box ... she bigger than the pond ... she aint no country songstress ... she a strong songwriter ... a piercingLy pure voice and Lyrics that make me wanna get a girLfriend and eat some Laffy taffy drunk on tequiLa high as a hooLa hoop hangin on a redwood tree thinkin about the simpLe joys of a Life of strife.

6) Brothers Osborne - Port Saint Joe

MaryLand boys moved down to nashviLLe with a dream ... wrote for years and widdLed away in the woodshed ... came out with a country aLbum that i needed to hear ... and then i kept needin to hear it ... great vibe on this record ... great vibes in the hearts of john and tj osborne too.

7) Eminem - Kamikaze 

Eminem is the king of the diss ... and maybe the best tik-tak-take-that-bottLe-up-a-bag-a-mismatch-brake-pads kinda rapper ever to Live ... i own aLL of his aLbums on vinyL.

8) Natalie Prass - The Future and the Past

First off ... she was my first manager back in 2009 as a part of her coLLege senior music business cLass ... she pretty much got me on my feet ... secondLy and more importantLy nataLie puts the power of the peopLe in performance and prose ... and i enjoy her Live show more than most i saw this Last year ... her band is aLways top to the top top notch baby.

9) Shame - Songs of Praise

I saw these dudes rip open an audience at sxsw 2018 ... Like pubescent pit buLLs in cut-off shorts and dirty sneakers they packed a proportionate pound of punk and pop into a piLL ... the aLbum ... has a bunch of weLL written songs and i feeL it when he sings. 

10) IDLES - Joy as an Act of Resistance

I was in rees germany in october and this aLbum was pLaying at the haLdern pop record store where we pLayed Later that night ... i asked who it was ... bought the LP ... and got into IDLES ... they are the truth.

Rayland Baxter "Casanova" (video):

Rayland Baxter "Strange American Dream" (live video):

Rayland Baxter website:

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