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Sam Lewis shares his 10 favorite albums of 2018

Sam’s songs are rooted in the energy that defines this harmonious frontier, the space that unifies the human experience in each of us. It’s the anchored spirit in this incubated territory of Soul for which Sam Lewis works to celebrate and elevate with the tones of Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues and a Country-Folk muse. Sam is not the first man to turn over this primal soil, but he is unquestionably here to be the one that keeps sowing the field.

“I flip on a radio or stare at my phone, and I hear some familiar sounds and I see some flashy things being made right now – and that’s cool. But it’s real hard to find something that’s being said beyond what’s superficial. And then go I and spin a record by Lee Dorsey and I feel the world lifted with four words and a funky groove, and then I’ll listen to Pops Staples preaching the most earnest spirit with some shake, swagger and sweat thrown on it – and man there it is, there’s the fresh air, there’s the hope. These are the men that paved the path I want to walk on, the path I want to preserve. Everyone is welcome to walk it with me. I hope they do.”

Sam Lewis shares his 10 favorite albums of 2018:

1) Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo

2) Bahamas - Earthtones

3) Delgres - Mo Jodi

4) Ry Cooder - The Prodigal Son

5) The Wood Brothers - One Drop of Truth

6) Mipso - Edges Run

7) All Them Witches - ATW

8) The Teskey Brothers - Half Mile Harvest

9) Judy Blank - 1995

10) Paul Simon - In the Blue Light

Sam Lewis "Natural disaster" (Video):

Sam Lewis "One and the same" (Video):

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