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Spotify to enable artists to fundraise directly from fans

This is super interesting! There’s a new „Spotify for Artists“ feature I wanted to share with both music fans and artists...

Spotify is working to launch a feature that will enable artists to fundraise directly from fans during this challenging time. Soon, they will give artists the ability to drive listeners to a fundraising destination of their choice on their Spotify artist profile pages. 

This will give artists on Spotify the ability to link out to a verified funding page for themselves, for another artist in need, or for a separate initiative of their choice. 

This feature will, of course, be optional for artists to leverage; no changes will be made to profile pages unless the artist chooses to participate, and Spotify will not take a cut of any contributions.

If you as an artist are a Spotify for Artists user interested in this feature, please sign up here, and Spotify will email you when it’s ready.

If you as a music fan want to help artists to love watch out for this new feature to appear on Spotify artist profiles.

The feature is available:

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