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Songpickr Guide for SXSW 2019

Ever had the problem you go to a festival and you are overwhelmed by the line-up? That half of the names don't ring a bell? Well, at SXSW it's even worse with often thousands of newcomers across all kinds of genres and from all over the world.

The official SXSW showcase artists are announced in multiple rounds and there is an official playlist to check out these acts. The problem is that after round 2 which has been released 3 days ago, there are already approx. 450 songs on the playlist and if you are an Indie Rock or Americana fan you need to skip through tons of Trap. Cloud Rap, EDM, Contemporary RnB, World Music and other genres to find the handful of artists which you want to check out.

Thank Songpickr, there is an easy solution: The "SXSW 2019 Songpickr Guide" which I have introduced in 2017 & 2018 and is back due to popular demand. Right now, I have stripped down the list from 450 to 65 artists all from your favorite (Songpickr) genres.

My highlights so far are Sam Fender, Pip Hall, BRONCHO, The Bright Light Social Hour, Deerhunter, Creamer, The Yawpers, William WIld, Curse of Lono and tons of more...

You can check out the playlist here or directly on Spotify...

Photo Credit Pip Hall SXSW 2019:

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