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The Teskey Brothers share their 10 favorite albums of 2018

The Teskey Brothers are a rare musical gem. Honouring that old school Motown sound and working it into something of their very own, the band have received widespread acclaim for their gorgeous debut album "Half Mile Harvest" (Songpickr's Album of the Year 2017). A raw combination of Soul and Blues, the record has warmed the hearts of listeners everywhere with it’s melancholic, analogue tones.

Written by all four band members, the album was recorded in their own home studio, self-produced and released independently. Listening to the record you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the work of Stax Records alumni in Memphis circa ‘67 rather than a group of twenty-somethings from the Yarra Valley just outside Melbourne. The feeling is as old as the tape machine it was recorded on and it’s a true expression of love.

Onstage singer Josh Teskey’s smoked whiskey voice defies expectation as the band around him hold an irresistible groove. Their undeniable live show has wowed audiences around the world, leaving them infected with soul and blues.

End of January 2019, the band will play their first couple of shows in Germany incl. a show at Privatclub Berlin on January 30th.

The Teskey Brothers share their 10 favorite albums of 2018:

1) Charles Bradley - Black velvet

2) Marlon Williams - Make way for love

3) Parker Millsap - Other Arrangements

4) Shannon and the Clams - Onion

5) White Denim - Performance

6) Allysha Joy – Acadie : Raw

7) James Hunter Six - Whatever it takes

8) Matt Corby - Rainbow Valley

9) Gurrumul - Djarimirri

10) Dan Parsons - Sunday Morning Cinema

The Teskey Brothers "I get up" (video):

The Teskey Brothers "Pain and Misery" (video):

The Teskey Brothers "Crying Shame" (video):

The Teskey Brothers website:

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