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Timmy the Teeth shares his 10 favorite albums of 2018

Timmy the Teeth, a self-described "wonky-tonk" songwriter from American Fork, Utah whose music — a blend of story-based folk and off-kilter Americana, shot through with equal parts honesty and humor — echoes his city's mix of rural charm and city smarts. His warm, organic, timeless sound is exactely what I am looking for as Songpickr and I think that's the reason why Timmy's music became one of my absolute favorites.

Timmy the Teeth shares his 10 favorite albums of 2018:

1) John Prine - Tree Of Forgiveness

2) Kurt Vile - Bottle It In

3) Damien Jurado - The Horizon Just Laughed

4) Brent Cobb - Providence Canyon

5) Charlie Crockett - Lonesome As A Shadow

6) Colter Wall - Songs Of The Plains

7) Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel

8) Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour

9) Aaron Lee Tasjan - Karma For Cheap

10) Phosphorescent - C'est La Vie

Timmy the Teeth "Hoot Hoot" (Video):

Timmy the Teeth "What's it like" (Video):

Timmy the Teeth Biography:

After logging nearly a half-decade as the touring drummer for Joshua James, Timmy kicked off his solo career with 2015's "Just Another Day". The album became a regional hit, re-establishing Timmy not only as an instrumentalist, but as a frontman, too.

Two years later, the follow-up record "Ain't That Bad" doubled down on his reputation as a first-rate songwriter, with 11 new songs that find Timmy taking stock of love, life, and all points in between. "I've always liked a organic, raw sound," Timmy explains. "Josh has a really good ear for capturing that vibe. Also, he lives just down the street, so the whole experience felt like I was home."

His second album "Ain't That Bad" was co-produced by Timmy and Joshua James. Neighbors as well as bandmates, the two tracked the album at James' home studio in American Fork. Sessions lasted one week, with an emphasis on live vocal takes and natural-sounding arrangements.

There's a laid-back swagger to "Ain't That Bad", whose songs were written by Timmy and decorated with acoustic guitar, pedal steel, piano, and harmonica. "Jewelry Box" nods to his side-job as a woodworker, while "Dollar Daze" finds him mixing the twang of his voice with the buzz of a synthesizer riff. He pulls double-duty as the album's drummer, too, stomping his way through the fuzzed-out rock song "Till It's Gone" before driving songs like "Hoot Hoot" — a nostalgic, countryfied tribute to his grandmother — forward at cruising speed.

Speaking of driving, Timmy knows a thing or two about sitting behind the wheel. Having spent years in the van with Joshua James, he's now traveling the country on his own tours, opening up for songwriters like American Aquarium frontman B.J. Barham, Imagine Dragon's Dan Reynolds, and Damian Jurado along the way. With Ain't That Bad, he's exploring new territory, delivering positive-minded, roots-driven music with a wink.

More information incl. tour dates, etc. on his website...

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